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Building an on-the-go app to give political users access to data they need the most.


Gulf Partyline needed a mobile version of their desktop software. We partnered to design and develop a mobile app that feels incredibly intuitive and integrates seamlessly with their existing platform.


The Partyline Platform is the desktop Customer Relationship Management (CRM) of choice for many top political professionals, but their users often needed access to the platform on mobile.

  • Beautiful, fast, and remarkably easy-to-use mobile app with a user experience similar to the existing platform.
  • Focus on giving users access to the data they need most while on the go.
  • Securely integrate with the existing Partyline Platform.
  • Introduced new features to improve organizational efficiency.
  • Design, develop, test, and launch within 6 months.

Our team collaborated very closely with Partyline at every stage:

  • Delivered a high-end, intuitive mobile app design, seamlessly mirroring the Partyline desktop experience.
  • Employed Flutter for efficient, single codebase development across both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Achieved seamless integration between the mobile app and Partyline's existing desktop platform.
  • Successfully launched the Partyline mobile app on time and within budget.

Client Industry

Political & Legislative CRM


Mobile App / Native App

Services Performed

UI/UX Design,Mobile App Development,QA,Project Management




I can’t imagine how they could have done better.
Our Account Executive was phenomenal to work with. The Project Manager kept the project running on time and guided our resources. The Mobile App Developer did a great job integrating our feedback and was very competent and responsive to our needs. Finally, the Senior Product Designer also did an excellent job translating our requirements into the UX.
David Holley
CEO, Gulf Partyline


Mission Brief

Partyline Platform is the CRM of choice for many political professionals. As an established industry-leader, their users relied on and used the desktop platform to help manage their political initiatives on a daily basis. However, despite the success of the desktop platform, Partyline recognized an opportunity to provide more value and meet more user needs by launching a mobile version of their application.

The top priority was to give users secure access to the data they needed most while on the go. As such, the mobile app would be required to integrate seamlessly with the existing Partyline Platform. It needed to be beautiful and high-end, yet feel intuitive and familiar. Existing platform users needed to feel at home using the new mobile app.


This was our first engagement with Partyline. However, it was not the first time Partyline had attempted to build a mobile version of their platform. They had engaged with another design partner previously but weren’t satisfied with the results. Partyline had high standards for the user interface and experience. They were deeply invested in getting this right. Even if it meant abandoning design deliverables they already had in-hand and looking for a new partner. We respected this commitment to providing their users with the best experience possible and were ready to do everything possible to go above and beyond their expectations.

Additionally, we identified two technical challenges that were important to get right. This mobile app would need to be integrated with their main desktop application. That application already houses a large amount of data, so consequently, the mobile app would need to be specially optimized to avoid excessively slow load times. Aside from this, there were some unique requirements for user registration and login that presented some technical challenges.

logoAbove & Beyond

Facing these challenges of developing a new mobile app for both iOS and Android was a breeze with our Flutter team’s cross-platform prowess. Our streamlined approach and single-codebase strategy ensured an efficient and consistent deployment, highlighting our commitment to cross-platform excellence in mobile development.

Flight Plan


From the outset, our client made their priorities clear: ensure the mobile app looked clean and functioned similarly to the existing desktop app. To achieve this goal, we reviewed the desktop app in detail, communicated with the client constantly, and introduced enhancements in the mobile version where it made sense while staying aligned with the desktop app.

Our team is accustomed to working with clients with varying levels of software design and development experience. Regardless, we prioritize strong collaboration with our clients, and in this instance, their valuable contribution played a significant role in shaping the project. By providing well-defined user stories, the client guided us in identifying key priorities for developing a Minimal Viable Product (MVP), ultimately facilitating the creation of a mobile app that perfectly addressed the needs of its user base.

Discovery & Wireframes

We used the desktop application as the most logical initial reference point to plan the features, user interface, and user experience of the new mobile app. We held many discovery and user requirements gathering conversations with the client to familiarize ourselves with their users, their industry terminology, and the needs of the business. In this particular case, the client demonstrated a high level of technical acumen, offering clear and direct communication regarding their requirements and the capabilities within their existing APIs.

High Fidelity Visual Designs

The client emphasized the significance of attaining a sophisticated aesthetic that aligns with the established desktop application while maintaining a native feel on the mobile platform. Our team successfully achieved this objective. Given the widespread use of the Partyline platform within the political sphere, we aimed for a visually pleasing, user-friendly interface.

Development Support, Handoff, and Documentation

One of our development team members actively participated in every design meeting with the client. The inclusion of a developer in these discussions served to offer valuable technical insights and ensure clear expectations regarding feasibility. This collaborative approach facilitated a seamless handoff. As development progressed, a few additional design changes were required, and the development and design teams collaborated closely to implement these adjustments smoothly.


In our pursuit to transform Partyline's vision into a mobile reality, we chose Flutter as our wingman. Flutter's capability to build native applications for both iOS and Android from a single codebase was not just a technical decision – it was a strategic one. This choice significantly streamlined our development process, allowing us to deliver a high-end mobile experience to Partyline's users without the usual constraints of time and budget.

Leveraging Flutter's Strengths for a Premium Mobile Experience

Partyline's users deserved an experience that was both premium and responsive. Utilizing Flutter, we ensured every interaction with the app was as natural and seamless as the desktop version they were accustomed to.

  • Cross-Platform Efficiency: The dual-platform capability of Flutter significantly reduced the complexity and time required for deployment, embodying efficiency in action.
  • Top-Tier Performance: Performance in the mobile world is paramount. Flutter's framework enabled us to create an app with the high responsiveness and fluidity that today's users demand.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Crafting an interface that was both familiar to desktop users and optimized for mobile was a top priority. The app's design successfully merged these aspects, offering a user experience that was both fresh and recognizable.
  • Technical Mastery Over Challenges: Addressing technical challenges, such as seamless data integration and ensuring rapid load times, showcased our team's expertise. The Flutter framework played a pivotal role in turning these potential obstacles into strengths of the app.

The development of Partyline's mobile app highlighted our team's commitment to delivering solutions that are not just effective but also resonate with our clients' visions. Flutter was instrumental in achieving this, providing a platform that allowed for creative freedom, technical excellence, and a user-centric approach to mobile app development.


Learn more about our Partnership with Flutter

Enhanced Development Process: Surpassing Expectations

Our journey with the Partyline mobile app development was marked by a series of delightful surprises and achievements beyond the initial scope. The essence of our approach was rooted in a harmonious collaboration with the client, which played a pivotal role in the project's accelerated progress.

The extra time we gained was not just a testament to our efficiency; it was an opportunity to deliver more. We utilized this advantage to integrate extra features, each thoughtfully designed to enrich the user experience on the platform. This wasn't just development; it was crafting a product that went beyond the expected, providing users with a tool that truly catered to their needs.

User-Centric Engineering: Tailoring Experiences Across the Political Spectrum

Understanding the diverse range of users was crucial in the development of the Partyline mobile app. With a focus on enhancing efficiency and engagement in the political landscape, this CRM (customer relationship management) caters to three distinct user types: Members of Congress and their staff, political/fundraising consultancies, and PAC or lobbying organizations. Each user group benefits from a tailored mobile experience that caters to their unique requirements.

Our engineering team's deep dive into the user personas was more than a technical exercise; it was an empathetic journey. By developing a profound understanding of how different users would interact with the platform, we ensured that each feature, interface, and interaction was thoughtfully aligned with their needs. This empathy-driven approach empowered our engineers to be staunch advocates for the users, enhancing the overall value of the system.

Collaborative Enhancement of Frontend and API

Our focus was predominantly on the frontend, leveraging the client's existing API layer. However, our collaboration extended beyond just interface development. Working hand-in-hand with Partyline's team, we identified and implemented enhancements to the API, specifically to support the unique functionalities of the mobile app. This collaborative effort was not just about building an app; it was about developing a cohesive, holistic platform that resonated with every stakeholder's vision.

logoAbove & Beyond

Our team was commitment to exceeding expectations, focusing on user needs, and fostering collaborative partnerships, all while adhering to the company's messaging and style guidelines.


Final Results

Our collaboration with Partyline culminated in a triumph that extended far beyond the successful launch of their mobile app. We didn't just deliver a product; we elevated Partyline's digital presence, setting a new benchmark in the political CRM landscape.

Transforming Mobile Accessibility and User Experience

The cornerstone of our victory was the radical enhancement of mobile accessibility for Partyline's CRM. We delivered a mobile app that not only mirrored the comprehensive capabilities of their desktop platform but also introduced an intuitive, user-specific experience. Tailoring the app to meet the diverse needs of political operatives from various tiers ensured that every user encountered a platform that resonated with their unique requirements. This leap in mobile accessibility and customized user experience represents a major stride in Partyline's digital evolution, reinforcing their position as a frontrunner in political CRM solutions.

Seamless Integration and Collaborative Success

Another highlight of our achievement was the seamless integration of the mobile app with Partyline's existing desktop platform. This effort was amplified by our collaborative work on enhancing the API, ensuring a unified and robust digital ecosystem. The smooth, synergistic integration between the mobile and desktop platforms not only elevated operational efficiency but also significantly boosted user satisfaction.

Our work with Partyline is a vivid illustration of Black Airplane's commitment to not just meeting, but exceeding expectations. We transformed a vision into an impactful digital reality, setting a benchmark in the industry and paving the way for future innovations. This project stands as a shining example of our ability to merge technical excellence with a deep understanding of client needs, driving forward the frontier of digital solutions in the political domain.

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